Saphirs de Lune Hermione

Saphirs de Lune Hermione (Silver) (geb.29.4.12)


Saphirs de Lune Hermione

Progressive Retinaatroophie: N/N, Pyruvatkinase-Defizienz: N/N (frei), Blutgruppe N/N (A oder AB)

2.7.2014 HCM Screening in Animal Hospital Zürich normal


Our silver Queen comes from France, she was chosen because of her excellent blood lines and perfect appearance. It is rare to have such great contrast and black rosettes in silver, her profile is wild, her eyes golden, her tail perfect. She is very intelligent, kind and friendly, we are looking forward to her kittens together with Gogees Woodie in 2013. Thank you Pascale for this beautiful silver bengal and for your expert explanations on the art of breeding bengal cats.

Vater: Air Force One Mutter : Grönland