Brockenmoor Lux (geboren 6.6.2010)

Brockenmoor Lux (geboren 6.6.2010)


Brockenmoor Lux (geboren 6.6.2010) Pedigree

Brockenmoor LuxGenetic Tests : Progressive Retinaatroophie: N/N, Pyruvatkinase-Defizienz: N/N (frei), Blood Group N/N (A oder AB)

Cat Shows: 5-6 February 2011 Sursee two times Excelent 1, 21 März 2011 two timesl Excellent 1 und nominated Best in Show, February 2012 Rotenburg - CAC (CAC (Certificat d´Apitude de Championnat). '

26.03.2013 HCM Screening without any problems (Kleintierspital Zürich)

Lux is a wonderful stud, with open rosettes, good contrast and fur full of glitter. He is big and strong, athletic, with beautiful green eyes.

Mother: Brockenmoor Calimera Vater: Brockenmoor Splendor Spirit

Brockenmoor CalimeraSplendor Spirit