Kanpur's Sophie of Rosetas

2) Kanpur's Sophie of Rosetas (geboren März 2011)


Kanpur's Sophie of RosetasGenetic Tests : Progressive Retinaatroophie: N/N, Pyruvatkinase-Defizienz: N/N (frei), Blutgruppe N/N (A oder AB)

Shows : Februar 2012 Rotenburg CAC (CAC (Certificat d´Apitude de Championnat). CAC bedeutet soviel wie „Anwärter auf einen Titel", bei drei CAC ist die Katze 'Champion'

26.03.2013 HCM Ultraschall der Herzwände unauffällig (Kleintierspital Zürich)

Kanpur Sophie is a beautiful Bengal cat. What I love about her is her stunning head, wild profile, puffy whisker pads and wild appearance. She has well placed ears that are the perfect size. Her rosettes are black outlined with brown centers and she has a beautiful light golden base coat. She is very good mother, she has given us easily several beautiful well educated kittens. Thank you Diana for this perfect mother and for your kind hospitability when I was picking her up!

Mutter: Kanpur Cookies and Cream Vater: X Trendar Flash of Kanpur