Marie Bengal Cheetah

Marie Bengal Cheetah (geboren 7.6.2012)


Marie Bengal Cheetah

Genetische Tests : Progressive Retinaatroophie: N/N, Pyruvatkinase-Defizienz: N/N (frei), Blutgruppe N/N (A oder AB)

Ausstellungen: 24-25.November 2012: Internationale Katzenausstellung in Wallisellen. Excellent 1

Cheetah has the most beautiful head and well placed  ears. Her eyes are large and golden and she has beautiful face. Her rosettes are of warm color with great contrast against beautiful light golden base coat. I have been waiting for a long time for her and had to pick her up in person. Thank you Marie for your beautiful girl and hospitability!

Vater: Huntersridge Rock this World Mutter: Summermist Sophistication