Wir sind eine kleine Bengalkatzenzucht in der Nähe von Zürich und investieren alle unsere Liebe, Sorgfalt und Erfahrung in die Aufzucht von typenvollen, gesunden  Bengalkätzchen mit liebem Charakter. Wir nehmen unser Hobby sehr ernst. Wir haben genügend Zeit für unsere Katzenbabies, sie werden viel gekuschelt und in die Hand genommen. Wunderschöne Rosetten mit gutem Kontrast sind wichtig, es gibt diesen Leoparden ‚wow‘ Effekt, aber auch andere Merkmale, die auf der Ausstellung die Richter beeindrucken, müssen berücksichtigt werden.  Wie zum Beispiel grosse runde Augen, da der wilde Vorfahre unserer Bengalkatze,  Asian Leopard Cat, in der Nacht jagte. Oder muskulöser Körper, kleine Ohren und dicker Schwanz, weisser Bauch etc etc. Wir nähern uns dem Bengalkatzen Ideal mit jedem neuen Wurf.

Training course for Animal Care and Breeding

A FBA course serves to train and deepen knowledge of animal care and breeding practice of cats. This certificate entitles me as a cat breeder to have more than 5 litters a year.

I completed a FBA course in autumn 2013 and my cattery is approved by the veterinary authority of canton of Zurich.

About me as a Bengal Breeder

About me as a Bengal Breeder

My name is Jana Cerny (* 1956) and I'm taking care of our cats with the help of my husband Jiri and son Michael. The rest of time I teach English and French at a vocational school.

Every age has its hobby – after decades of travelling, teaching, child raising, gardening and scuba diving, breeding Bengal cats came to me naturally as the best pas time possible.

When I first saw the Bengals on the Internet, they have captivated me immediately by their beautiful wild look, their athletic body and their intelligence. They seemed so much different from the cats I knew.

The activity of a cat breeder is very versatile and I love everything about it – caring for the adults, socialising the kittens, taking pictures, receiving visitors, going to cat shows, meeting other breeders. It also involves studying genetics and acquiring medical knowledge, building stud houses and traveling abroad to pick up a New Cat…

I picked up most of my cats at their home cattery and could get to know the breeder personally, a great way of learning. My first Bengal Isidora flew with me from Holland (merci Nikoletta), second was Sophie who made noises in the cabin all the way from Vancouver (merci Diana), Cheetah and Rosalia were picked up in Quebec (merci Marie), Hermione had a long drive from France (merci Pascale), Emanuelle flew with me from Berlin (merci Rene).